Press, Shake, Boost!

Booth#: 43316 Section: Cosmopack

Product Headline

Press, Shake, Boost!

Product description

Toly is introducing their latest innovation – the boost mixer. This product carries a small reservoir that houses activated powder. Upon releasing the button, the powder blends with the formula to boost the skin by enhancing a glowing complexion.


Customizable skin care regime / Keeping the formula fresh upon release / 2-in-1 product for powder & liquid formulation

Technical details

It provides a mixing system extracting the formula mix through a dip tube dispenser.

Launch Date


What makes this product unique?

This product offers its uniqueness from containing powder and liquid formulations in one pack, while minimizing the use of extra plastic.

How does it relate to the story?

It offers a simple solution to emerging skin care trends in the market.

Why the product is innovative?

The Boost Mixer carries a small reservoir that houses activated powder or liquid formulas such as Vitamin C, probiotics, peptides, antioxidants and active ingredients that boost the main formulation for an instant gratification.