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Nutricentials Bioadaptive Skin Care Pump

HCT’s Recyclable Flex Dropper

Booth#: 56035 Section: Cosmopack

Product Headline
HCT’s Recyclable Flex Dropper
Product description
The concept was inspired by the need to create an eco-friendlier option to a typical dropper that is used in skin care that traditionally utilizes many materials/parts and is therefore difficult to recycle. In addition to its monomaterial design, the brand included Post-Consumer Recycled PP to cut down on single use plastic.
The monomaterial design makes it easier to recycle at end of use. PCR material cuts down on single use plastic.
Technical details
HCT simplified the system by creating a flexible bottle with an “accordion” design on the end, so you can compress it and evacuate product without adding a silicone part or other soft material. The Flex Dropper was the first innovation to utilize this technology; the inner bottle end shape has HCT's engineered flex structure, and all parts are made of PP, which makes it easy to recycle without having to separate parts.
Launch Date
May 15, 2022
What makes this packaging/formulation unique?
The Flex Dropper is used like a pen: flip it upside down and press the end to dispense liquid formulas. No need to put formulas in a traditional dropper with multiple, non-recyclable, materials.
How does it relate to the story?
Nu Skin was looking for sustainable innovation for their new serums and HCT’s Flex Dropper was the perfect solution.
What makes this packaging/formulation innovative?
This is the first monomaterial dropper/pen on the market.


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