Two brushes in one mascara [Patent Application]

Booth#: 13076 Section: Hair Care

Product Headline
Two brushes in one mascara [Patent Application]
Product description
Two brushes in one mascara [Patent Application] STEP 01. 3-LAYER Volume Brush [Brush for applying] The 3-layer volume brush maximizes the light and rich airy-fit volume effects of volume and curling like wearing air. STEP 02. 0.1mm Fine Hair Brush [Brush for organizing] The PBT yarn designed and arranged in a V shape creates volume and curl naturally without clumping. STEP 03. TRIDENT Tip [Tip for finishing up] It can be applied to the bottom lash, root, eyebrow and hairline for an elaborate and detailed finish.
Curling, brushing The 3-layer volume brush adheres the formula with volume and curling, and the V-shape PBT brush brushes lashes naturally without causing clumps. Perfect lashes that last all day The light feeling of volume like wearing air keeps your lashes curled and voluminous with the application of airy fit volume powder. It is an easy water-washable mascara with no irritation.
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YouTube and SNS influencer Collaboration Video Production, 1+1 event production, SNS advertising
What makes this product innovative?
This is a type of layer brush that applies neatly and without clumps. This is a new kind of mascara whose 0.1mm fine bristles elaborately brushes each lash from root to tip.


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