Repeat Refillable Airless

Spring into action! Designed for recyclability, our latest innovation, patent-pending Repeat Refillable Airless, now features our next-generation pump engine with an all-plastic spring! Now that’s a REFILL-ution!

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Product Headline
Spring into action! Designed for recyclability, our latest innovation, patent-pending Repeat Refillable Airless, now features our next-generation pump engine with an all-plastic spring! Now that’s a REFILL-ution!
Product description
Welcome to a packaging utopia, where recyclability meets a consumer-first, airless refill experience. All-new Repeat, our latest patent-pending innovation, is a refillable airless unicorn. Unlike any other refillable airless pump on the market, Repeat’s POM-free all-plastic pump engine is thoughtfully integrated into the refill cartridge, allowing users to refill the product without exposing the formula to air and providing users with a fresh pump engine at every refill to ensure the package never loses its powerful pump. With a locking mechanism that satisfyingly clicks into place to indicate the pump is fully engaged, this refill process is a snap!
After filling, the formula is sealed in the refill cartridge and protected against air and contaminants. Trusted ingredients call for trusted packaging. Our offering of high-performance, polypropylene airless packaging is unsurpassed. Marrying sleek design and flawless engineering, our airless packages minimize formula waste with evacuation rates near 100%, provide precise and consistent dosing with an advanced delivery system, preserve the integrity of formulas, and offer contactless delivery to prevent cross-contamination.
Technical details
We strategically created an unthreadable collar for the inner refill bottle. We did this:    1. To create unique, brand-specific keys that a brand can cross use for different refillable products, meaning each brand would receive their own unique collar that they could use for multiple products. This collar would not work on any other brand’s bottle.    2. To protect the formula at refill when a new cartridge and pump engine are snapped on.   3. To fully orient the inner bottle to the outer. This is something other refills on the market fail to do.
Launch Date
July 12th, 2022
What makes this packaging/formulation unique?
This is the first refillable airless package on the market where the design philosophy behind its creation takes into consideration a circular economy. We did this by ensuring all materials used in the entire package are recycling compatible: PET, PP, LDPE, and Stainless-Steel Aluminum. For example, the outer shell is an industry-first, recycle-ready component that is made up of 99% PET. Also, 100% PP PCR options are available for both the outer and inner components (excluding piston/pump).  Refillable airless packages on the market today are designed so the user must open the cartridge and expose the formula to air during the refill process. These packages also require the user to reuse the pump’s engine with every refill. With Repeat, we improved the user experience and created the first refillable airless package where the cartridge contains the pump’s engine. Therefore, the consumer is never exposing the formula to air and contaminants. A securely attached, fresh pump engine is applied to the refill cartridge at filling to seal the product inside. When the cartridge is inserted into Repeat’s reusable outer, our patent-pending locking system is activated and creates a satisfyingly audible click that indicates the new pump engine is fully engaged.
How does it relate to the story?
To meet beauty consumers’ demand for sustainability-focused packaging, Repeat is designed to promote a circular economy with refillable features, recycling compatibility, and PCR solutions. Repeat incorporates all three approaches to sustainability: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. We carefully considered the entire life cycle of the package. Unlike any other refillable airless on the market, we wanted both the reusable, outer and refillable, inner parts of the package to be designed for recycling. Whether the consumer decides to purchase a refill and reuse the outer package or decides to stop using the product and discard the entire package, both the PET reusable, outer and PP refillable, inner parts of the package are designed for recycling.   Also, the outer shell and inner cartridge are oriented to one another. This feature offers maximum branding options for incredible shelf-appeal with a double-wall design that allows for aligning artwork on the outer and inner components. Both parts of the package can be customized with endless decoration options, including silkscreen, hot-stamp, heat transfer, spray, and metallization. Repeat is designed for high-speed filling and to meet any brand’s packaging specifications. Perfect for prized complexion and skincare formulas, this standout refillable airless pump is a beauty brand’s packaging “must-have.”
What makes this packaging/formulation innovative?
If a consumer does not reuse the refillable feature of a package and disposes the package, the life cycle of that package ends. With Repeat, whether the consumer decides to purchase a refill and reuse the package or stops using the product, the entire package can be recycled.   Repeat’s new, next-generation POM-free, all-plastic pump engine with a fully polyolefin spring has taken its sustainability journey to new heights! There’s not a single refill on the market that incorporates a new fresh pump engine with every refill, up to 100% PP PCR on both components and oriented decoration capabilities all in one!


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