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Hair Hydrator

Hair Hydrator by Blackwood For Men -- a New Superlight Leave-In Mist that Excels a Primer, Conditioner or Finishing Spray for Dry, Coarse or Frequently-Styled Hair

Booth#: 6099 Section: Hair Care

Product Headline
Hair Hydrator by Blackwood For Men -- a New Superlight Leave-In Mist that Excels a Primer, Conditioner or Finishing Spray for Dry, Coarse or Frequently-Styled Hair
Product description
Forget hair oils & other heavy leave-in conditioners. Hair Hydrator by Blackwood For Men is here to make hair repair easier than ever, while also improving your overall style & swag. It sprays out as a fine mist, packed with hair boosting botanicals like Hyaluronic Acid, Hydrolyzed Silk & Pro-Vitamin B5. Apply after showering to make hair easier to style & more protected from blow drying damage. Or use after styling as a finishing spray that infuses hair with healthy shine & a sophisticated scent. Also great as a late-day pickup for dull, lifeless hair. Sulfate-Free & Vegan.
- Softens & Hydrates Dry or Coarse Hair - Repairs & Protects Thin or Damaged Hair - Thickens Hair & Increases Elasticity with Pro-Vitamin B5 - Strengthens Hair, Reduces Frizz & Split Ends with Glycerin - Protects Against Heat & Blow Drying or Other Styling Damage with Hydrolyzed Silk - Moisturizes Both Hair & Scalp with Hyaluronic Acid - Helps Prevent Scalp Dryness, Itching & Flaking - Makes Hair Easier to Style - Revitalizes Limp, Dull or Lifeless hair by Adding Healthy Shine - Infuses Hair with Fresh, Clean Just Left the Barber Scent - Super Light & Non-Greasy, Ready to Use Anytime - Smooths, Strengthens & Defines Curls - Also Works Great on Beards, Making Them Softer, Fresher & Easier to Style Without the Heaviness of Beard Oil
Technical Details
9.2 Fluid oz
Launch Date
How is the brand promoted online?
Blackwood for Men cultivates a robust social media presence, engaging its large male following with frequent posts that are entertaining, inspiring & insightful. It partners with elite professional athletes who love getting an extra edge in both style and workout recovery, and who pass on their passion for the brand to followers. It also leverages Google to constantly increase brand awareness & promote specific products as well as retail partners. And it develops unique video content to run across platforms, from TikTok & YouTube to its own website where it carries on its multifunctional mission to Cleanse, Restore, Protect.
What makes this product innovative?
There are plenty of leave-in conditioners out there, but only one Hair Hydrator. It’s the only product that’s both light and powerful enough to work as either a pre-styling primer, a conditioner, or a finishing spray. Along with its eye-catching lockable pump and unexpectedly fine consistency, it stands out for its rare combination of multifunctional botanicals – natural ingredients like Hydrolyzed Silk, Glycerin, Citric Acid, Hyaluronic Acid and Pro-Vitamin B5. Together they protect hair against heat and blow-drying damage while also making hair softer, more pliable, and easier to style. The benefits are both short and long-term, with hair that’s initially smoother and more manageable but also stronger and more resilient in the face of pollutants, UV rays and anything else that assaults hair on a daily basis. Plus it infuses hair with a healthy shine and a clean sophisticated scent that both men and women seem to love. If that wasn’t enough, this product also works wonders with beards, making them softer and less wiry while reinvigorating them with a smooth shine and attractive smell that’s sure to draw people in all day long.


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