Rebalance Women'S Skin During The Menstrual Cycle

My Period - La Cure

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Product Headline
My Period - La Cure
Product description
My Period is a custom treatment program to rebalance women’s skin during the menstrual cycle. A program of 9 serums with 3 specific formulas, to begin on the first day of a period for 9 consecutive days to limit the visible signs of the menstrual cycle on the skin. Every month, the skin becomes more balanced Imperfections and discomfort are reduced. The signs of fatigue are diminished The skin finds a sense of calm once more and is left visibly more beautiful
Day 1 to 3: purifying serums with mint extract, which purifies and deep-cleanse the skin to eliminate imperfections due to the hormone spike at the start of your period. Day 4 to 6: soothing serums with jasmine extract, which soothe, comfort, and nourish skin made sensitive by fluctuations in the stress hormone during your period. Day 7 to 9: energizing serums with orange extract, which restore energy and strength to tired skin, to revive its glow, and reduce the signs of fatigue.
Technical Details
Chili mint extract, Jasmine extract, Sweet Orange extract no gmo - no toxins - no parabens - not animal tested Tested under dermatological control
Launch Date
May 2021
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What makes this product innovative?
We need to deal with our menstrual cycle and its effects on our skin: it becomes shiny, redness and pimples can appear, our complexion gets dull, our mood swings and fatigue takes us down. Every month, we deal with these ups and downs, and we lose a bit of the control on board. We have crafted “MY PERIOD” program to become your skin ally, and to make sure you keep glowing and you can stay Zen month after month. This 9-day cure consists in 9 mini shots with 3 different formulas. These 3 formulas each contain botanical extracts specifically chosen by our herbalist experts to pamper and preserve our skin from the ticking of our hormonal variations.


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