Hydrating mask

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Product Headline

Hydrating mask

Product description

100% pure LENZING VISCOSE is satured with hydrating essence encapsulated in a compact plastic capsule. Enriched with Rosa Canina and Achillea extracts formula desensitizes the skin whilst providing refreshing and purifying function. The extracts of Calendula and of Hamamelis complete the formula, with decongestant function and delicate astringent action.


The gentle lotion is specifically designed to restore hydrolipidic balance of the skin, soothing tired and lack-luster skin. The result is a fresh, uniformly soft and protected skin.

Technical details

The best application is to remove the mask from the compact plastic capsule by pushing up with your finger to pull out the mask and apply it evenly to the skin. Leave the mask on for 10 to 15 minutes.

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What makes this product unique?

Hypoallergenic, formulated without alcohol and parabens this mask also features an unusual way of application unlike other sheet masks. In addition, environmentally friendly. Worldwide patented.

How does it relate to the story?

100% bio-degradable, travel-friendly pack is an innovative addition to the way we use sheet masks. Formulas can vary, featuring different claims.

Why the product is innovative?

Innovative packaging, new way of opening the mask, very compact.