Skin renewal, hydration, brightness & skin perfection

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Product Headline

Skin renewal, hydration, brightness & skin perfection

Product description

The product contains, fermented active, is a process that generates beneficial elements from microorganisms. Yeast breaks the active’s molecular structure in smaller particles, rich nutrients, antioxidants and mineral salts that are rapidly absorbed by the skin. This makes the formula become more effective and improves the beauty results. There is also oligopeptide, it’s used for anti-aging products, the the aim of stimulating the proliferation of elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is indispensable molecule to prevent the aging’s signs, fights tiredness and dehydration. It strengthens the skin’s outer layer and acts as a barrier against external agents. And Sakura contains as well a vitamin that belongs to group B, useful to combat the aging’s effect and skin exhaustion. This ingredient is Fermented folic acid.


An essence of liquid beauty, created to give cellular revitalization, maximum hydration, brightness and skin’s perfection. Its light texture enriched with precious petals and Orchid extract, allows rapid absorption with immediate beauty results.

Technical details

Apply the Essence as a first step in your skincare routine after the evening cleanse. Press the Essence onto the skin moving from the center towards the periphery of the face until completely absorbed. We recommend to use the Essence when skin appears fatigue and lackluster or during season changes.

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What makes this product unique?

Precious Orchid Dendrobium Noble: has emollient, protective and toning properties. It protects the skin from the aging’s imperfections but also from external agents, moisturizing it in depth. Airless net pump crushes the petals releasing the extract in its freshest form.

How does it relate to the story?

Innovative formula featured in the perfectly suited innovative packaging that when combined creates cutting edge skincare product from the way of release to long-term skincare benefits.

Why the product is innovative?

A beauty refiner, enriched with precious drops and Orchid extract. It is the ideal product to renew the skin and fight the signs of aging and stress.