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BeautiLock Airtight Solvent Stick

Patented Airtight Packaging

Booth#: 40393 Section: Cosmopack

Product Headline

Patented Airtight Packaging

Product description

15g Solvent Airtight Stick. Base, Cap, and Inner: PETG. ABS: Outer.


The BeautiLock Solvent Stick eliminates hydrating formulas from drying or cracking in a secure travel-friendly fashion. Its airtight features invite new formulation ideas and allow for extensive decoration capabilities. This design and function are protected by patent and exclusively found at SeaCliff Beauty.

Technical details

The twist-on cap locks into place, creating a vacuum seal. This design prevents air from leaking inside and contaminating the formula.

Launch Date


What makes this product unique?

The BeautiLock Airtight Stick is the solution for formulas that are prone to drying or cracking with air exposure. BeautiLock's ability to reseal after each use also helps to protects against spreading of bacteria and ensures the product will stay protected.

How does it relate to the story?

After nearly 20 years of developing industry award winning packaging, Vonda Simon of SeaCliff Beauty saw a need in the market for airtight solutions. A rise in skin focused products led Simon to team up with her lead engineer and design team to match the demands of the growing market. With years of testing complete, BeautiLock is disrupting the way products are being formulated and applied.

Why the product is innovative?

With the current market's inability to safely protect the most hydrating of formulas, this easy-to-seal system opens the possibility to new innovations. The BeautiLock family eliminates dried out formulas and allows for an entire beauty line to withhold itself in packaging that is truly airtight. To ensure product versatility, this product is available in various styles and sizes.