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Pop Eyes Lip Gloss

The revolutionary patented design gives you an otherworldly packaging!

Booth#: 51416 Section: Cosmopack

Product Headline

The revolutionary patented design gives you an otherworldly packaging!

Product description

Sometimes the packaging will make your world of difference. You will hook on this lip gloss because of it otherworldly packaging. The revolutionary patented design-Pop Eyes Lip Gloss, which is a high-quality aluminum case that combines a plastic bottle with solid heart pop-up. Translucent window allows consumers to see the colors of product hidden inside.


This is the patented design from Libo Cosmetics!

Technical details

Pop Eyes Lip Gloss is a breakthrough innovation of structure that leads a new packaging possibility. It is available for plastic packaging a pop-up effect above a rigid aluminum case.

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What makes this product unique?

Different materials and tactile 3D effect become one, in a perfect proportion.

How does it relate to the story?

The revolutionary patented design gives an otherworldly packaging!

Why the product is innovative?

Libo’s new technology of decoration is a creative artwork with different materials combined ingeniously. The highlight of our product is a stunning tactile 3D effect lip gloss, featuring a unique design.