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Product Overload

SAVE ME FROM’s Product Overload is formulated to save the hair and scalp from damage caused by product buildup.

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Product Headline

SAVE ME FROM’s Product Overload is formulated to save the hair and scalp from damage caused by product buildup.

Product Description

Hair sprays, styling products and dry shampoos contribute to product buildup and wear and tear on your cuticles, making your hair look dull, stringy and greasy. When cuticles in hair are uplifted, the cortex is exposed and longitudinal cracks develop. Scalp buildup can make your hair limp and oily. SAVE ME FROM’s Product Overload treatment contains gentle cleansing ingredients like black kaolin, white and bamboo activated charcoal, and multi-hyaluronic acid to detoxify the hair and draw out impurities while smoothing the cuticle.


Formulated with Black Kaolin and White and Bamboo Activated Charcoal, this glossy black treatment helps improve your hair’s strength while removing impurities from the hair and scalp. This treatment contains powerful detoxifiers that draw out excess oil and product buildup, while adding moisture and smoothing hair. Results show that this treatment exponentially improves the condition of hair that has been damaged by product buildup. Product Overload leaves hair 138% thicker, 48.2% stronger, 59% shiner, 108.5% more hydrated, and with 84.78% less split ends.

Technical Details

Apply through damp, clean hair starting from hair tips and working towards roots. As a nourishing mask, use up to walnut-size and rinse after several minutes. May experience tingling and warmth. Caution: For external use only. Avoid eye contact.

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Why the product/formulation is innovative?

Like all SAVE ME FROM products, Product Overload is formulated with patent-pending Fenugen technology, which contains Ayurvedic Fenugreek. Fenugreek has long been known for its healing properties, though never before used in haircare. The brand’s exclusive formula has been clinically proven to heal and protect against all five types of cuticle damage, leaving hair stronger, shinier, and healthier from root to tip. In addition to this potent herb, Product Overload contains damage-specific ingredients that work to detoxify hair, balance oils, and absorb buildup. These include Black Kaolin, a rare titanium-rich, Brazilian clay, White and Bamboo Activated Charcoal, and Multi-Hyaluronic Acid.