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Bambeautiful - Densifying Foam

Natural Care for Thinning Hair

Booth#: 42205 Section: Cosmetics & Personal Care

Product Headline

Natural Care for Thinning Hair

Product Description

A powerful blend of natural acids and botanical extracts to revitalise and gently exfoliate the scalp. Cleansing the skin, whilst encouraging denser, thicker looking hair right from the scalp. Enriched with - ECOCERT BAMBOO: Natural silica promotes strength and shine. ORGANIC PEA SPROUT: Rich in protein, starch and fibres. NATURAL ACIDS: AHAs from botanical extracts gently and naturally exfoliate. HYALURONIC ACID: Intensively moisturises for beautifully soft, healthy hair Bambeautiful Densifying Foam contains 94% naturally derived ingredients, is Vegan Friendly, cruelty free and full of natural actives.


Gently exfoliates the scalp with natural AHAs and botanical extracts. ENCOURAGES DENSER, THICKER HAIR FROM THE SCALP.

Technical Details

This products contains 94% of naturally derived ingredients. It contains a recommended level of a hair growth active derived from a natural source-pea sprout. This product helps to create denser, stronger looking hair. It is also packed with nutrients and vitamins like Biotin, Panthenol and Niacinamide to gently care for the scalp and hair. Hyaluronic acid and a blend of plant proteins moisturise and condition hair and scalp.

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How the brand is promoted online?

The brand is promoted via social media and other digital marketing channels such as Google advertising, e-mail marketing, affiliate networks, influencers and online press. Bambeautiful is also promoted via its own website and also through Amazon.

Why the product/formulation is innovative?

Bambeautiful brings beauty into the hair loss category. The range has been specifically designed and developed as a natural solution for women with fine or thinning hair. Offering a full regime of care, treatment and styling; Bambeautiful has everything women need to feel beautiful. The Densifying Foam will leave hair looking fresh and revitalised after gently exfoliating the scalp to remove product build up and excess oil that can make hair look dull and flat.